New Chaplain International is an organization that trains ministers and lay people to do evangelical and missionary work at homeless shelters, hospitals, nursing homes, correctional facilities and emergency rooms. 

What is a Chaplain

New Chaplain International

Our Mission


New Chaplain International is a volunteer organization dedicated to develop constructive liaisons within the community, institutions, law enforcement, and governmental organizations for the purpose of providing spiritual guidance to those in need. 

New Chaplain International seeks to provide aid and assistance to institutions and organizations that service the community.

New Chaplain International seeks to prepare individuals with a strong commitment to a life of service and to the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in accordance with the Holy Bible, and who have a calling to work as Volunteer Chaplains.

New Chaplain International is a ministry that seeks to prepare and equip minister and lay persons to serve those who have needs, in various areas such as hospitals, nursing homes, correctional institutions, shelters, treatment facilities, precincts, local communities, and in crisis situations.  

A chaplain can work and help in various areas of ministry, such as counseling, sacraments, education, community outreach, hospitals, prisons, jails and more.

A chaplain is a minister or layperson who has been commissioned by a group or organization to give pastoral care and service.  He or she can develop their ministries in different institutions or organizations.

The chaplain as a "representative of God" is alert and ready to listen and help people with their problems.  The chaplain will share their joys, hopes and will help them to get up after a failure or difficult circumstances.

The chaplain is also a pastor or spiritual father, he or she will be responsible for carrying the message of God's word to those who are lost, showing that there is only life in Jesus Christ and that He is the only way and the only truth.